New Year, New Site January 01, 2015 12:37

"I hope you will have a wonderful year, that you'll dream dangerously and outrageously, that you'll make something that didn't exist before you made it, that you will be loved and that you will be liked, and that you will have people to love and to like in return. And, most importantly (because I think there should be more kindness and more wisdom in the world right now), that you will, when you need to be, be wise, and that you will always be kind.” - NEIL GAIMAN

 What an extraordinary year it has been for us here at Mama Mermaid, both as a business and a family. I feel infinitely blessed to look back at the past twelve months and count so many fond memories. Thank you to those who have supported this dream of mine and share my passion for the beautiful art of babywearing. As this company continues to grow, I am so grateful for the loyal customers and friends that make this all possible. My only wish is to give back in some way this coming year to reflect the immense gratitude I have for all of you. ♥ Nicci