When I can start using the ring sling? 
Mama Mermaid ring slings are great for any age, starting from newborn to toddlers. The recommended minimum weight is 6lbs with a maximum of 35lbs. 

Do the slings come in different sizes?
Mama Mermaid slings are all the same length and accommodate adults of all sizes. 

Can I nurse my child in the sling? 
Absolutely! Supporting the child's weight with one hand, loosen the sling. Making sure they have a positive airway, place them in a comfortable position to nurse, once they are done be sure to put them back in the upright position. You can even use the tail of the sling as a nursing cover. 

How do I wash my sling?
Wash your sling on a gentle cycle with cold water and hang to air dry. When ironing, use the appropriate setting for linen or silk.



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