Tummy-to-Tummy: Recommended for ages newborn and up. Just as the name suggests, your tummy is going to line up with baby’s. Legs can be tucked in “froggie-style” or left out. Baby should sit high enough you can kiss the top of their head. For newborns, try using the tail of the sling for more neck support by rolling the tail and tucking it into the top rail (the edge closest to the babies neck. It is important that the baby is secured in a deep seat, with the sling's material tucked behind their knees and their bottom sitting lower than their knees. 

Kangaroo Carry: Recommended for babies with strong head control. Bringing the material up against your stomach, create a deep pocket. Place baby inside so that they sit comfortably. Supporting baby with one hand, tighten the rails with the tail so they are snug and secure. Their weight should rest on their bottom and not on their feet or legs. 

Hip Carry: Recommended for babies with strong head control, bring the fabric to your side so that the “pocket” is at your hip. Place baby in the pocket, making sure their knees are supported above their bottom. They baby should sit about where you would typically carry them on your hip. 




+When loosening or tightening the rails of the sling, always support the baby's weight with your hand. 

+The top rail should sit high on baby’s back.

+Keep the rings near your shoulder, almost like a corsage, and the fabric spread flat and untangled on your back. 
+ The shoulder of your sling should be spread across your arm rather than bunch up at your neck. 

+Practice, practice, practice! If it seems difficult at first, just keep at it and before long you and baby will be on your way to enjoying the beauty of babywearing.