Safety Tips

  • Mama Mermaid ring slings are intended for children 6lbs to a max weight of 36lbs and should only be used in accordance with the instructions. 

  • Before using your ring sling, inspect the carrier for any ripped seams, torn fabric or damages in rings. If there are any imperfections, stop using the ring sling immediately. Always makes sure that the rings and material are secure.

  • Make sure that baby is safely positioned in the ring sling. For more safety tips on safe positioning, click here.

  • Do not leave baby in the ring sling if it is not being worn. 

  • Remember to check on the baby often for proper positioning. Reposition as needed periodically.

  • Do not use your ring sling in situations in which your balance or mobility may be impaired due to exercise, drowsiness or medical conditions. Never use the sling while driving or as a passenger in a car and do not use your sling while cooking or cleaning near a heat source or chemicals.

  • Lastly, Mama Mermaid ring sling carriers are intended to carry one child at a time. Never place more than one baby in the carrier and do use more than one carrier at a time.