Which Sling to Choose



Mama Mermaid’s basic linen collection consists of single layer slings made from light-weight 100% linen. Perfect for a person’s first sling, they are breathable and easy to use. Linen breaks in or rather, becomes incredibly soft, with very little effort. While all Mama Mermaid slings can be used from newborn to toddlerhood, some people prefer the comfort of a double layer linen or silk sling once their child gets a bit heavier. It’s all preference though!  Anyone who follows my Instagram knows that I am a big fan of my seafoam linen sling. It is just perfect for those hot summer days and is almost instantly soft after only a few uses. 


(the Dahlia sling pictured here is one of Mama Mermaid's top sellers)

Made from a double layer of lush handwoven dupioni silk, these slings are known for their “wow” factor. The shimmer and striking color of these slings make them a favorite among collectors but they are also extremely durable and sturdy—so perfect for heavier children. They can be washed (but make sure to follow the instructions!) and that will make the sling lose some of that shine resulting in a nice subtle matte color. Some people prefer the shine though in which case spot cleaning occasionally is best. The basic silk slings take a little bit more effort to break in compared to their linen counterparts but once they do, it is so worth it: They become buttery soft and oh so lovely!


The striking raw tussah slings are amazingly beautiful, hands down. Made from wild raw tussah, the fabric is thick and durable. The biggest feature of this sling is that the colors are unlike any other. Woven with not just one shade but several variations it creates this really dynamic look. Unlike the dupioni, this type of sling is naturally matte and boasts lots of texture almost resembling corduroy. The natural slubs and nubs of the material are very pronounced which lend itself nicely to the various colors.

(a close-up of the amazonite deluxe silk sling)  

It is the most supportive of all the slings but also the most challenging ones to soften up due to it’s thick nature. But I promise you a well-broken raw tussah sling is so worth the effort because they make carrying even the heaviest of toddlers absolutely light as a feather.